Site Reclamation in Wyoming

Hughes Enterprises, Inc. has the ability to provide complete oilfield services, tailored around the unique needs of every customer and jobsite. From waste management, to hydrovac excavation, to site reclamation in Wyoming, our team is capable and knowledgeable. With an emphasis on safety, responsibility and thoroughness, rest assured your site is in good hands with us.

  • Belly and end dumps: We have trucks for both end dumps and belly dumps, to transfer pit run, gravel, road base and more to wherever it needs to go on your site.
  • Hydrovac excavation: We’re equipped for hydrovac excavation, ensuring clean excavation and minimal mess on your site. Regardless of your excavation needs (utilities, piping, etc.), we’ll get the job done quickly.
  • Pipeline installation: If your site requires pipeline installation, look to our team for rapid results. We have traditional and hydrovac excavation abilities, alongside material dumping capabilities.
  • Waste hauling: Our team specializes in materials and oilfield waste hauling, expediting site prep and waste disposal, for a convenient solution to your site management demands.


Oilfield Waste Management

Waste is ever-present on an oilfield site, which is why we’ve committed ourselves to handling it in all its forms. From trucking away fluids to crude oil tank cleaning in Wyoming, we’re knowledgeable in handling, transporting and disposing of your oilfield waste materials.

  • Tanker services: Our fleet includes both bobtail tankers and 130bbls vacuum trucks, giving us the ability to efficiently haul and dump waste. Our dumping tankers have full opening back doors to handle hydrovac waste, mud cement and other fluids. We’re also capable of water hauling
  • Cuttings boxes: We’re your provider of roll-off boxes for all types of waste, including drill cuttings, centrifuge mud, flowback material, sludge, water, frac sand and more. These convenient waste disposal solutions are your key to reducing any handling of materials.
  • Mud pump service: We’re also equipped for mud pump servicing and can move 1000gal/min. Our equipment handles liquid and sludge alike without issue, making us an invaluable partner for waste management.

Other Services

Alongside our oilfield-specific services, we’re well-equipped to provide customers with excavation, trucking and materials based on their specific jobsite and demands. Our additional services include:

  • Excavation services
  • Gravel for sale
  • Landscaping rocks for sale
  • Sand for sale
  • Trucking/hauling

If you have questions about our capabilities or would like more information about service pricing in regards to your specific scope of needs, please contact us today at 307-276-3459

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