Gravel and Hauling Services

Hughes Enterprises, Inc. is available for materials hauling services, in addition to our excavation work. We also provide quality gravel products in a broad assortment for our customers, to ensure your project gets exactly what it needs. We welcome inquiries from residential, commercial and industrial clients, no matter the scope or scale of the work.

Gravel Products

Whether you’re paying pit run for a driveway or putting down screened sand for your paver base, we’re ready to supply it in any capacity. As a premium gravel supplier in Wyoming, our scope of products is extensive, making us the area’s best resource for all types of projects—paving, earthwork or otherwise.

Our selection includes crushed rock, pit run, decorative rock varieties, topsoil, screened sand and a bounty of other gravel products. Contact us directly for pricing information and quantities.

Hauling Services

Our experience as an excavator and oilfield service company has made us the authority on material hauling services in Wyoming. We provide direct-to-site hauling for all our gravel products, making it simple for you to get the materials your project needs.

We also provide site hauling services, removing unwanted debris and equipment away from your jobsite. We’re equipped for solid and liquid material hauling, heavy equipment transport and general trucking services.

Gravel and Hauling Services

Your Excavation Experts

If your project demands excavation, hauling or gravel products, the team at Hughes Enterprises, Inc. can help. We welcome jobs of all sizes and complexities, putting safety and the expectations of our customers above all else. Contact us today at 307-276-3459 to integrate us into your next excavation project or to assist in your materials transport logistics.